About The Urban Narrative

The Urban Narrative

The concept

– Writing without borders for change and equality

Writing without borders for change and equality is a new concept and method to work for sustainability with a holistic approach to facilitate the development of sustainable and resilient individuals and societies. The Urban Narrative method is based on the idea that by using workshops in creative writing a changing process is triggered, increased awareness, empowerment and ideas for new concepts and solutions applicable on the individual but also a larger context. The Urban Narrative offers workshops and programmes for conflict resolution and mediation.

The Urban Narrative´s value base rest on the belief that social injustice and unease, environmental disaster and violence of all sorts can not be separated from one another, its all interconnected, therefor core values for TheUrbanNarrative  is a non-violence approach, using writing for peace & sustainability locally and globally, with joy, diversity, inclusiveness and resilience.

With a raised awareness the likeliness for individuals to make healthy and sustainable decisions for society, nature and individuals is without a doubt high.

TheUrbanNarrative is a Peace- and Development platform using writing and the narrative as tools for change. Humans, nature and societies are exposed to tremendous challenges socially, politically and environmentally with a global migration, growing urbanization with big demands, and refugees facing severe hardships, segregation and unemployment. Simultaneously dangerous forces such as racism are growing. Those challenges are global and involves each and everyone of us. We need to think new and different. The need for change is urgent on so many levels but change can not be imposed on us. In my belief a sustainable change can only begin from within, in each and everyone of us. And in my belief through active reflection. For this to happen writing is a great tool. All over the world we can see discrimination and violation of human rights, and far to many have their rights violated. The Urban Narrative is creating means and methods to work for change, for the individual, society and the nature. The keyword is: write.

The founder of TheUrbanNarrative is me Ulrika Nandra, I´m a Journalist and Writer and I have developed the Urban Narrative method that is based on the idea using workshops with  writing excercices to trigger a changing process, for increased awareness, empowerment and solutions. I have a long experience as a news reporter and I have worked for television, radio and newspapers in Sweden and abroad from Bombay, New York and Cape Town since year 2000. I also have a University degree in Peace- and Conflict studies at the University of Göteborg in Sweden. I have used my experiences and skills as a Journalist and coupled it with knowledge on peace and conflict solution. I also write books, so far ”ÄGD” (2013) about power and power relations, how we all can become victims and perpetrators of power at the same time, and my second book is about the sexual revolution in India, ”De oanständiga” (april 2016).

That writing can be empowering I learned early as a child when my dad wanted to burn my diary. Thats how words can scare the perpetrator. I had articulated my emotions, and the words I wrote showed the truth.  Writing was my safe haven and place to refuel and understand myself and the world around me.  A Central concern in my writing has always been to understand the perpetrator and hard topics that others avoid.  I understood the empowering fuel writing can be but also the power. The power of the written word I learned the hard way when the Indian Authorities in India blacklisted me from entering India again as a foreign correspondent because of my articles on sextrafficking and changing gender roles, articles published in Svenska Dagbladet, the biggest daily newspaper in Sweden. Apparently I had done a good job as a Journalist!

The concept of The Urban Narrative is built on the belief that active creative writing bring about change. The workshops are aiming to facilitate for the participants to see their own ways and ideas for change.

Im very happy to present this concept for Sweden and elsewhere. This is a concept that knows no borders, it cross boundaries and can easily be imported and applied to different contexts and countries. The concept travels well worldwide. I will soon launch a UrbanNarrative certificate so the workshops can be performed by other operators with the highest quality anywhere in the world.

With joy,

Ulrika Nandra

”Be the change You want to see.”  Gandhi